In a development for the future of space-based defence capabilities, QinetiQ US has been awarded a five-year, $224m contract from the Space Development Agency (SDA). 

This contract marks a stride toward enhancing the joint warfighter’s support for terrestrial missions by developing, fielding, and operating the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA). As QinetiQ US steps into this role, it reaffirms its dedication to advancing mission operations and providing technical solutions in space technology.

This contract underscores the company’s role in advancing the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA). Over the next five years, QinetiQ US will leverage its knowledge in systems engineering and technical assistance to help the SDA’s efforts in rapidly delivering space-based capabilities to support joint warfighter missions.

The PWSA, a cornerstone of next-generation space capabilities, aims to provide tactical warfighting support primarily in low earth orbit. This architecture is set to bolster terrestrial missions, offering a robust and adaptable platform for the joint warfighter.

According to GlobalData’s “US Defense Market 2022-2027” report, activities in the space domain are becoming increasingly important. In June 2020, the US released its Defense Space Strategy. The US has created a Space Command, Space Force, and Space Development Agency, highlighting the weight that activities in this area are being given. 

Shawn N. Purvis, President and CEO of QinetiQ US, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “This award further expounds on our long-term commitment to the space mission. We are proud to be continuing our partnership with SDA to advance mission operations of this critical space program in support of our warfighters.”

Hired in May 2022, Steve Iwicki, Executive Vice President overseeing QinetiQ US’ space initiatives and Defense Technologies and Solutions portfolio, highlighted the company’s dedication to providing support across the entire life cycle of space missions. 

He commented, “We have been fully committed to ensuring we are providing the right technical solutions to enhance mission success and to continue to provide the full life cycle support we’ve been partnering with SDA on – from requirements generation to launch operations.”

As QinetiQ US embarks on this multi-year endeavour with the SDA, the company’s contributions are set to influence the future of space-based capabilities. This contract signifies a milestone in advancing the PWSA and ultimately supporting the needs of the joint warfighter on terrestrial missions.