• 8 June 2009

    RAF May Take Over Royal Naval Airpower

    Rationalisation of finances and resources in the UK armed forces may lead to operation of all combat jets by the Royal Air Force alone, RAF chief marshal Sir Glenn Torpy...

  • 7 June 2009

    USAF May Build Fewer F-35s in Future

    The US Air Force has been asked to reassess the future need for building F-35 fighters during the current quadrennial defence review (QDR). The QDR is a US planning exercise...

  • 4 June 2009

    US Air Force Unveils Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft

    An advanced composite cargo aircraft (AACA) developed by the US Air Force research laboratory supported by Lockheed recently completed its first demonstration flight. The flight test involved taking the cargo...

  • 4 June 2009

    Estonia and Finland to Procure Medium-Range Radars

    The Finnish and Estonian defence ministries will jointly procure 14 3D medium-range radar systems of the Ground Master 403 series from ThalesRaytheonSystems to expand and upgrade their current radar capabilities....

  • 4 June 2009

    Sniper Targeting System Activated on USAF A-10Cs

    The US Air Force has completed site activation of sniper advanced targeting pods (ATP) on A-10C aircraft at its Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscan and Spangdahlem Air Base in...


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