Octo and Raft to support US AFLCMC Detachment 12 Cloud CITI initiative
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Octo and Raft to support US AFLCMC Detachment 12’s Cloud CITI initiative

17 Nov 2021 (Last Updated November 17th, 2021 09:31)

Kessel Run is a software development unit that works to transform the USAF’s software acquisition process.

IT modernisation provider Octo, alongside digital consulting firm Raft, has secured a contract to support the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s (AFLCMC) Detachment 12, commonly known as ‘Kessel Run’.

Kessel Run is a software development unit that works to transform the US Air Force (USAF) software acquisition process.

The contract will see Octo and Raft provide the US Air Force (USAF) with DevSecOps software engineering, Kubernetes infrastructure, and other multi-region platform services.

The services will be provided under Kessel Run’s Cloud Computing and IT Integration (CITI) initiative.

Octo CEO Mehul Sanghani said: “We are excited to work with Raft as we continue to provide bleeding-edge technology and unique talent to the US Air Force.

“The Cloud CITI initiative is designed to support warfighters, and Octo is proud to be part of that effort.

“Modernisation, innovation, and collaboration are keys to success, and we’re pleased to offer all three to this Kessel Run programme.”

The contract includes the development of macro-level architectural solutions to a multi-region hybrid infrastructure.

Developing a ‘cross-cutting application and integration architecture’ and services related to data management and analytics architecture are also included.

Octo’s team of senior-level engineers will support Kessel Run in upgrading legacy software systems, as well as supporting external US Department of Defense (DoD) software initiatives.

Operational Command and Control Users, Wing Command and Control Users, and All Domain Common Platform teams are members included in the Kessel Run software factory.

Kessel Run features lean and agile methodologies, integrated with ‘continuous integration and continuous delivery’.

In July, Raft won a $36m contract to support the Kessel Run unit.