Poland’s Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) has signed a letter of intent with Thales to cooperate on the integration of a rocket launcher system onto the Polish Armed Forces’ Mi-24 helicopter.

Through the partnership, Thales and ITWL will integrate the Telson 22 Induction rocket launcher on the Mi-24.

Manufactured by Thales subsidiary TDA, Telson 22 rocket launchers are designed for all types of helicopters in service.

Using precision guidance and insensitive munitions technologies, Telson 22 is said to be the most modern rocket weapon system currently available in the market.

"It is suitable for all tactical engagement and delivers higher precision safety."

The Nato combat-proven rocket armament system is already in service with the French Army.

The Telson rocket system can individually launch both ACULEUS digital guided and free rockets on a still or moving target, or by bursts on a static surfacing target.

It can be used to launch a mix of guided and non-guided rockets, rockets and air-to-ground missiles, rockets and air-to-air missiles, or the three types of munitions together.

It is suitable for all tactical engagement and delivers higher precision safety, Thales stated.

Besides Telson 22, the Telson family of rocket launchers includes Telson 12 JF, Telson 12, Telson 8 and Telson 2.

ITWL is a scientific and research organisation that investigates operational issues involving aeronautical engineering products.