pilot training system

BAE Systems, Beechcraft and CAE have offered an integrated pilot training system (PTS) for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) AIR 5428 project.

The solution combines the proven T-6C military training aircraft and a sophisticated suite of synthetic flight training devices, and fully meets the ADF’s AIR 5428 requirements by delivering highly cost-effective training.

BAE Systems Australia Aviation Solutions general manager John Quaife said the team leveraged decades of global military flight training experience to develop a solution focused solely on producing the very best military aviators at a location of the ADF’s choice.

Quaife said, "Supported by the world’s most proven, cost-effective primary aviation training aircraft in the T-6C, our integrated pilot training system balances the latest training technology with basic competencies. It provides the flexibility to address learning shortfalls and will better prepare graduates for Lead-In Fighter training than ever before.

"The T-6C has amassed more than two million flying hours, which means ADF training will not be compromised by emergent airworthiness issues."

"BAE has been delivering flight screening and basic flight training for the ADF since 1992."

Currently operational with nine of the world’s leading air forces and three F-35 partner countries, the T-6C was also selected by Mexican and New Zealand air forces for their training systems, and as the sole remaining choice for the UK’s modernised pilot training programme.

BAE has been delivering flight screening and basic flight training for the ADF since 1992, while Beechcraft and CAE are jointly delivering T-6 ground-based training systems to Canada, New Zealand and Mexico.

The AIR 5428 project aims to provide a new fixed-wing pilot training system to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Navy and Army.

The pilot training systems are expected to cover all facets of undergraduate pilot training, from basic flying to entry into air force lead-in fighter and operational conversion units.

Image: BAE’s AIR 5428 pilot training system combines T-6C military training aircraft and advanced synthetic flight training devices art suite. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.

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