The UK MoD has awarded an $890m, critical phase Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) contract to improve global collaboration and communication between MoD and its allies.

The contract has been awarded to an HP Enterprise Services-led ATLAS consortium, which includes Fujitsu, EADS Defence and Security Systems, General Dynamics and Logica.

Under the contract, ATLAS will replace outdated and expensive legacy systems, and provide 42,000 computer terminals operating in the “restricted” and “secret” domains to the remaining MoD fixed sites.

This improvement in the DII system, will benefit nearly 60,000 personnel, deployed with the Royal Air Force, at Joint Helicopter Command and other MoD locations.

The enhanced DII system will be able to provide improved capabilities to nearly 300,000 users at 2,000 locations worldwide, following its complete delivery.

The DII has been designed to meet the cost management and efficiency measures, as part of the UK defence change programme.

The DII installation and management programme contract, which was signed by the MoD and the ATLAS Consortium in March 2005, will continue until 2015.