Boeing has signed a contract with Oto Melara to jointly develop the small diameter bomb increment I (SDB I) weapon system for the Italian Air Force.

As part of the $34m contract, Boeing will supply major SDB I mechanical and electrical components, and test equipment for production of 500 tactical weapons.

Boeing will also supply 50 four-place weapon carriages, and associated support equipment and technical assistance to establish a production facility in Italy, while Oto Melara will provide various components, and complete final weapon assembly and testing.

Incorporating a steel case and penetrating blast-fragmentation warhead, the SDB I is a 250lb class, low-cost and low-collateral-damage precision strike weapon.

The SDB I weapon’s smaller size and four-place carriage, helps it to carry more weapons on each aircraft.

This unique feature of the weapon improves mission effectiveness and reduces the number of sorties required on each mission.