The Spanish Air Force will receieve technological support from Indra, as part of a four-year contract signed with the Ministry of Defence, to guarantee maximum performance of the air surveillance network.

Indra will provide support assistance to secure correct performance of the avionics and communication systems and the calibration of the laboratory equipment, as part of the €53m ($76m) contract.

Indra will carry out the support services in the air force facilities to guarantee a prompt response, maximum availability and operational capacity of the equipment.

The support services will also incorporate providing specific training to the military staff, so that they can make maximum use of the technology.

The company’s main work will include, maintenance of the radar stations distributed across the country, the data processing systems and associated network of the control and command system.

Indra’s warning network will help the air force to simultaneously detect and follow up other aircraft flying over Spain’s air space.

The technology will help the air force to compare the position of the aircraft with the flight plans, and also identify any unregistered aircraft.

Indra will also perform maintenance and engineering work of avionics systems such as radars and communication systems, navigational aid systems for instance radio navigation or approach radar systems.

Engineering work, maintenance and calibration of the equipment of the air force’s laboratories will also be performed as part of the contract.