The UK has created a new Military Aviation Authority (MAA), as part of the Ministry of Defence’s response to the Nimrod review by Charles Haddon-Cave QC.

The MAA, which is scheduled to be operational by 5 April 2010, will include an independent body to audit and scrutinise air safety activity.

The MAA has been created as part of the two key strategic recommendations of Mr Haddon-Cave’s report, following the deaths of 14 service personnel onboard Nimrod XV230 on 2 September 2006.

Defence secretary Bob Ainsworth said we have examined these proposals thoroughly for the past seven weeks.

“We are already taking action to implement them, including the creation of the Military Aviation Authority to provide the leadership needed to deliver the highest safety standards,” Ainsworth said.

Chief of materiel (air), Air Marshal Kevin Leeson said Haddon-Cave proposed a number of improvements to safety processes that we had already made in our own immediate response to the crash, a number of which he recognises in his report.

“However, he goes further with the need for greater independence of regulation and audit from those who deliver aircraft day to day to operations,” he said.

“I believe these are sound recommendations and we already have a team working to bring the new Military Aviation Authority into effect.”