Lockheed has signed an intellectual property (IP) licensing agreement with Microsoft to further develop the Microsoft ESP PC-based visual simulation software platform, for providing better training to aircraft pilots.

Under the agreement, Lockheed will get access to the ESP technology portfolio, which it will use to develop cost-effective simulation solutions for providing customised training to various air force pilots.

A visual simulation software development platform, the Microsoft ESP, utilises immersive games-based technology for training and provide decision support for commercial, government and education organisations.

Lockheed’s software development team by extending the current capabilities of ESP, will develop a new suite of innovative ESP-based solutions that will evolve beyond flight training to include ground and civil agency applications.

Microsoft strategic programmes general manager Chris Cortez said the solutions built on Microsoft ESP can engage users in immersive experiences with very realistic environments, making them ideal tools for training, evaluating and preparing personnel for optimal performance in the real world.

“ESP models the entire world and will allow Lockheed Martin’s developers to easily add their own content, objects, scenery, simulation functionality and scenarios to create custom training solutions,” said Cortez.