Pratt & Whitney has delivered a F119 engine to the US Air Force for its F-22 Raptor aircraft.

The fifth-generation fighter engine is a combination of stealth technologies and vectored thrust with high thrust-to-weight performance offering improved operational performance to the F22s.

The engine features a three-stage integrally bladed fan powered by a single-stage low-pressure turbine.

The F119 offers aircraft manoeuvrability with its unique two-dimensional pitch vectoring exhaust nozzle that are integrated with the F-22 flight control system and automatically regulated by the full-authority digital electronic control.

Pratt & Whitney F119 programme director Tyler Evans said the core of the F135 engine was being matured and proven in the twin engine F-22.

The F135 engine being employed in the F-35 fighter jets derives its features from the F119.