Leonardo has demonstrated the suitability of the ATR 42/72 MP multi-mission aircraft to undertake paratrooper jump missions during recent trials.

The trials were performed in July and involved the ATR MP aircraft with a door installed at the rear of the cabin.

The air activity as part of the trials included launching paratroopers and dummies. Additionally, the experimental activity showcased the capabilities of the aircraft to carry out recovery procedures during an emergency.

In a statement, Leonardo said: “With this trial, the ATR MP confirms its versatility. The aircraft has already been chosen by many customers as it can be quickly reconfigured to carry out significantly different missions, while keeping the low operating costs and high reliability, which originate from the civil market-leading turboprop platform model ATR 42/72-600.”

The ATR MP platform is used by the Italian Air Force for maritime patrol, electronic surveillance and other missions.

The aircraft is also used by the Italian Coast Guard and other foreign customers for a range of purposes, including search and identification of surface ships, search and rescue, and protection of territorial waters.

In addition, the platform can be deployed in support of operations to counter drug trafficking, piracy, and smuggling.

The ATR MP has the ability to coordinate with command and control centres and support information-sharing during operations.

The platform can acquire, process and send or receive information in real time.

Sensors installed on the aircraft are managed by Leonardo’s Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance (ATOS) system.

According to the company, ATOS is designed to combine the information gathered and provide operators with improved situational awareness.

The firm added that a self-protection system can be integrated into the ATR MP platform.