To bolster the US Air Force’s C-5 Galaxy fleet, L3Harris has stepped forward with a solution, leveraging strategic collaborations to overcome challenges in maintaining these aircraft.

The US Air Force’s C-5 Galaxy fleet, comprising 52 aircraft, is set to receive a readiness boost as L3Harris unveils its plan to enhance fleet availability. As the largest aircraft in the Air Force inventory, the C-5 requires a meticulous sustainment programme, and L3Harris emerges as a strategic partner to address the complexities associated with its maintenance and modernisation.

According to GlobalData’s “US Defence Market 2022-2027” report, the US Air Force procured the C-5M Super Galaxy transport and utility aircraft between 1970 and 1989. Lockheed Martin was contracted and delivered the last C-5 Galaxy in 2012.

With a history of over 70 years providing missionisation, modernisation, and maintenance solutions to defence, commercial, and international partners. 

L3Harris has already established C-5 depot maintenance, modification, and paint service facilities in Waco, Texas, and is strategically collaborating with Oneida County’s Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York, to expand its capabilities pending the award of the US Air Force’s C-5 Supplemental Depot Capability contract.

Recognising the potential supply chain risks associated with the vast number of parts required for C-5 sustainment, L3Harris proactively engages with the industry to ensure a robust logistics management system. This mitigates risks and improves the efficiency of organic C-5 depot activities.

An aspect of L3Harris’ initiative is the expansion of its workforce in the Rome, New York region to ensure a skilled and readily available team to support C-5 depot activities. This strategic recruitment approach positions L3Harris to mobilise resources supporting the first aircraft arrival.

Upon contract award, L3Harris’ C-5 maintenance solution aims to promise a low-risk sustainment option for the US Air Force, having C-5-specific technological knowledge, two paint facilities, an existing customer relationship rooted in C-5 support, and infrastructure ready for imminent execution.

L3Harris, in collaboration with industry partners and with the backing of state and county governments, envisions its depot capability as a cornerstone in enabling the US Air Force to fly and sustain the C-5 platform. This strategic partnership sets the stage for enhanced capabilities and readiness within the US Air Force’s C-5 fleet.

In 2019, the US Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (AF RSO) joined forces with Delta Air Lines and the Georgia Institute of Technology to share best practices for C-5 Galaxy modernisation and reliability processes.