In a move to strengthen Iraq’s aerial capacity, the United States has approved a deal worth $140m.

This deal is not just an investment in Iraq’s defence infrastructure but also a testament to the deepening ties and mutual trust between the two nations. The contract, authorised by the State Department, is set to enhance the maintenance and training support for Iraq’s C-172 and AC/RC-208 aircraft fleet, marking another milestone in the US-Iraq partnership.

GlobalData’s “US Defense Market 2023-2028” report highlights that the US has participated in conflicts stretching from Iraq to Afghanistan to combat terrorism and extremism, stabilising various states and maintaining regimes aligned with US values and foreign policy directives.

The proposed sale, led by the renowned Northrop Grumman Corporation, includes a package encompassing contractor logistics support (CLS), technical training for Iraqi personnel, spare parts, maintenance services, and other support elements.

With the approval of this contract, Iraq is poised to reinforce its defence capabilities. This not only enhances Iraq’s ability to protect its sovereignty but also signals another significant development in its strategic partnership with the United States, further solidifying the two nations’ commitment to regional security.

In November 2023, the US State Department approved a $300m foreign military sale (FMS) to Iraq which included Bell Helicopter CLS and related equipment.  

The United States achieved a record-breaking year for foreign military sales in 2023, with transactions totalling $80.9bn, according to the Defence Security and Cooperation Agency.