Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Aerotor Unmanned Systems have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which hopes to herald new capabilities in unmanned aerial systems.

While IAI contributes its aviation and unmanned platforms, Aerotor Unmanned Systems contributes its platforms, notably the Apus multicopter, distinguished by its central heavy-fuel propulsion system and variable-pitch mechanism. This unique configuration confers upon the Apus multicopter an operational advantage, facilitating enhanced payload capacity, extended flight durations, and manoeuvrability.

According to GlobalData’s global military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) market intelligence, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has mastered the technology and is a major supplier of military UAVs to many countries worldwide.

On November 23 2023, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) secured $145m (NIS488.6m) in global contracts for long-range loitering munitions, confirming the demand for Israel’s defence industry despite the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis. 

GlobalData’s analysts suggest that while Israel’s defence exports remain secure in primary markets, a prolonged conflict could potentially impact future opportunities, particularly in the Middle East and Latin America, where diplomatic tensions may influence defence ties.

For Boaz Levy, CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries, this collaboration represents an opportunity to capitalise on synergies and drive mutual business growth. “Cooperation between IAI and Aerotor will allow us to leverage synergies in our product lines and promote the business growth of both companies,” stated Levy. 

Likewise, Raz Geva, Chairperson and CEO of Aerotor Unmanned Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential. “Aerotor develops pathbreaking platforms in terms of their flight duration and the payload they can carry,” remarked Geva. 

“Together with IAI as a leading partner in the aviation sector and in unmanned platforms in both the military and paramilitary fields, we will expand our customer base around the world.”