The Honduran Ministry of Defence has announced the procurement of two additional Airbus H145 helicopters.

The Ministry of Defence of Honduras finalised the acquisition of two additional Airbus H145 helicopters following an initial order in 2023.

The new helicopters will serve many functions, including passenger and cargo transport, search and rescue operations, firefighting, and medical evacuation. With Honduras frequently facing natural disasters such as hurricanes and fires, these modern, multi-purpose helicopters are poised to enhance the nation’s ability to respond to emergencies.

Minister of Defence José Manuel Zelaya emphasised the importance of this acquisition. “The fact that we will have six H145s available in the coming years will make the population feel safer knowing that their Armed Forces have the most modern helicopters to protect and assist them during these natural disasters,” stated Minister Zelaya.

Alberto Robles, head of Airbus Helicopters in Latin America, expressed pride in the ongoing collaboration with Honduras. “We are delighted to take another step forward in our collaboration with Honduras through this vital project, and we are proud to know that our H145s will perform essential missions to protect the Honduran people,” said Robles.

The H145’s performance, particularly in hot and high conditions, makes it an asset for firefighting missions. The aircraft’s compact fuselage enables it to operate and land in confined spaces, offering flexibility in emergencies.

With more than 1,600 H145 family helicopters in service worldwide and in excess of 120 currently operating in Latin America, the H145 has established itself as a platform for various missions. Its high flight availability rate and all-weather capability ensure deployment during critical situations.

In 2020, the Ecuadorian Air Force expanded its fleet by delivering two Airbus H145 helicopters. In 2023, the German Armed Forces signed a contract with Airbus to acquire 62 H145M helicopters, with an option for 20 more units.