Heli-One has struck a deal with Bell Textron Canada Limited to provide in-service support for the CH146 Griffon helicopters operated by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND).

Valued at over C$150m ($111m) over five years with five optional years, this contract solidifies Heli-One’s role in Canada’s national defence apparatus.

This partnership between Heli-One and Bell Textron Canada Limited comes from Bell’s C$2.28bn, 15-year contract with the Canadian government, emphasising a concerted effort to enhance operational efficiency and aircraft availability. With Heli-One serving as a subcontractor and key supplier to Bell, the collaboration is poised to deliver first and second-line maintenance services directly at military bases across Canada, spanning Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

Yves Letourneau, director of the ISS programme at Bell, lauded Heli-One’s robust track, “Heli-One has demonstrated a strong track record in accountability and driving increased aircraft availability while providing valuable operational flexibility to Bell and the DND in the provision of Canada’s national defence.”  

Moreover, Heli-One’s role extends beyond maintenance services, as the company is also a crucial supplier under the $800m Griffon Limited life extension contract awarded by the Canadian government in 2022. This contract involves incorporating modifications to modernise the CH146 helicopter and extend its operational lifespan, further showing Heli-One’s commitment to ensuring the readiness and effectiveness of Canada’s rotorcraft fleet.

Canada is planning to replace its CH-146 Griffon transport and utility helicopter but has yet to award a contract to a supplier, according to GlobalData’s “Canada Defense Market 2023-2028” report.

Carolyn Forsyth, general manager of sales at Heli-One, expressed enthusiasm for the continued collaboration: “We are delighted to continue our strong collaboration with Bell in the support of the Canadian Department of National Defence and the sustainment of the CH146 helicopter.”