ReOrbit, a space technology company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, has won three awards, in the Innovation, Business Expansion and Marketing categories, in the 2024 Airforce Technology Excellence Awards.

The Airforce Technology Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. Powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData, the programme provides a platform to recognise the people and companies that are driving change in the industry.

The awards recognise ReOrbit’s groundbreaking advancements in satellite systems, strategic business growth, and dynamic marketing initiatives.

Advancing satellite technology with a software-first approach

ReOrbit EO data flows

ReOrbit’s software-first satellites represent a quantum leap in satellite design and functionality. The software-first approach to designing satellites involves prioritising software development over hardware components. It involves leveraging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate satellite operations, optimise mission adaptability through in-orbit reconfigurability, and accelerate responsiveness with real-time data processing. The approach facilitates the creation of more efficient, agile, and future-proof satellite networks.

The in-orbit demonstration (IOD), part of the European Space Agency’s InCubed Programme, is a testament to the company’s ability to translate visionary concepts into tangible, cutting-edge technology. The InCubed programme supports space innovation by offering co-funding and technical support for European businesses developing commercial Earth Observation (EO) products. The demonstration will showcase the capabilities developed in the avionics architecture and the software stack in space, including the commissioning and validation of end-to-end operations such as imaging, onboard data processing, and data transfer to customer locations.

Additionally, the IOD will validate the optical terminal, autonomy, storage, and data transport capabilities, ensuring secure, seamless data transfer from satellite to satellite, or from satellite to ground. ReOrbit’s approach has set a new benchmark for intelligent, interconnected platforms, paving the way for a future where data sharing and communication in space are as robust and dynamic as on Earth.

Catalysing global expansion through strategic partnerships

The Business Expansion award recognises ReOrbit’s astute collaborations and international outreach.

ReOrbit expansion

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bengaluru-based SatSure and its subsidiary KaleidEO is a prime example of ReOrbit’s commitment to fostering synergistic partnerships that drive innovation and market reach. The partnership is aimed at developing innovative full-stack solutions to meet the future market demands in the EO segment, combining ReOrbit’s satellite capabilities with KaleidEO’s high-resolution sub-meter optical payload and SatSure’s suite of business-ready EO solutions.

Furthermore, ReOrbit received the “Young Innovative Company” funding from Business Finland in December 2023, which underscores its potential for rapid growth on a global scale. Over the past 15 years, a total of approximately 530 Finnish startups have been selected to the funding programme.

Crafting a marketing edge in the space sector

ReOrbit’s ability to activate interest and convert it into tangible business opportunities through strategic digital marketing, social media engagement, and high-profile events like the Space Tech Expo in Germany, reflect its marketing success.

The company launched the Thought Leadership Industry Report, centred on the transformative potential of software-first satellites. The REANS – reach, engage, activate, nurture, sell – model has proven effective, with the report garnering significant downloads and media attention. The report brought multiple downloads, with tens of media coverage instances in trade and business media. It also helped to increase traffic flow to the website and served as a catalyst for further media coverage and a conversation starter in the sales process.

ReOrbit’s customer-centric approach has been instrumental in its award wins. By aligning its technological developments with customer needs, ReOrbit has demonstrated a keen understanding of market demands.

The partnership with KaleidEO, which focuses on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) models on the Edge compute module, exemplifies ReOrbit’s dedication to creating value through innovative solutions. The collaboration will enable significant value creation using EO data, revolutionising the collection, processing, analysis, and downlinking of imagery and insights from satellite data.

This alignment with customer objectives and ESA’s InCubed programme’s goals has not only fostered innovation but has also ensured the practical applicability and commercial viability of ReOrbit’s offerings, as confirmed by the technology purchase by KaleidEO for validating the performance of ReOrbit’s satellite platform.

Sethu Saveda Suvanam, CEO, ReOrbit

“We are honoured to have received three Airforce Technology Excellence Awards 2024 in the categories of Innovation, Business Expansion, and Marketing. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and unwavering dedication of the entire ReOrbit team involved in the development of next-generation satellites. ReOrbit has already significantly advanced the acceptance of the space industry towards this new design philosophy that stems from software and treats hardware as a commodity. Here’s to a more secure, resilient, and connected tomorrow.” – Sethu Saveda Suvanam, CEO and Founder of ReOrbit.

Company Profile

ReOrbit internetworking

ReOrbit manufactures software-enabled satellites as network nodes, spearheading the digital transformation of the space industry towards software-centric systems that enable a next generation of more modular, more inter-connected missions. As ReOrbit develops software in-house and sources hardware externally, the company can maximise its flexibility, simplify the supply chain, and de-risk its operations within the de-facto centre of excellence for technologies. Therefore, ReOrbit is able to keep cost and time-to-orbit low.

ReOrbit’s focus is securing data connectivity in space for commercial, civil, and defence applications and seamlessly integrating those systems with terrestrial networks. ReOrbit’s flexible and intelligent satellites can cost-efficiently adapt to any mission and function as network nodes in space, solving customer needs for faster and more reliable data access, required for enhanced situational awareness and value-driven decision-making.

Contact Details

Jana Avdeeva,

Head of Marketing, ReOrbit