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Customised Flight Simulators for Aviation Pilot Training

SoftekSim™ manufactures flight simulators for specific customer requirements.


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SoftekSim™ manufactures flight simulators for specific customer requirements.

The company focuses on detailed simulation, namely exact copies of simulated aircraft cabins, interiors, instruments and controls to provide a realistic sensation of the actual aircraft.

SoftekSim simulators are used for aviation pilot training organisations such as academies, type rating organisations and military centres.

Simulators for professional pilot training

The simulators are designed to be used for professional pilot training. They comply with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) certification requirements and can be operated worldwide.

SoftekSim™ specialises in customised flight simulators for specific client requirements.
We focus on detailed simulation to offer a real-life sensation of the actual aircraft.
SoftekSim simulators are deployed within various aviation pilot training organisations.
Our simulators are all EASA, FAA and ICAO compliant and can be operated anywhere in the world.
SoftekSim works directly with each client, enabling us to design simulators according to specific requirements.
SoftekSim has been operating flight simulators in a wide range of international pilot schools, aviation academies and army training centres since 2008.

There are a wide range of simulators that are produced by SoftekSim, from flight navigation and procedure trainers (FNPTII) used for professional pilots’ initial training to full flight simulators (FFS) for pilot type rating training. The company has established a relationship with leading aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Tecnam.

Tailored simulators for mission-oriented capabilities

SoftekSim works with each client to design a simulator in accordance with their specific needs.

The company’s solutions can simulate certain instruments or feature specific equipment such as night-vision goggles, which are useful for search-and-rescue, defence and military missions.

Simulators can be fixed-base according to customer requirements, or equipped with collimated visual systems. Frames and interiors are designed and manufactured to work effectively and remain robust for mechanical and environmental factors. Actual aircraft cabins, controls, instruments and interior elements are used upon request.

SoftekSim simulators are provided with a complete service set, such as delivery to customer premises, installation on-site, full testing with Master Quality Test Guide production, customer staff training, assistance at simulator certification, full warranty within 24 months and friendly post-warranty support.

Internationally certified simulators

SoftekSim owns a range of EASA and ICAO certificates. Its simulators are successfully certified in Europe and other countries.

In addition, the company has an ISO 9001: 9015 quality certificate and is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce.

About SoftekSim

SoftekSim is part of a group of companies that specialise in the development of aircraft flight simulators.

The company began in 2008 and its flight simulators are operated in pilot schools, aviation academies and army training centres worldwide.

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