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Software Solutions for Improved Efficiency in Airforce Operations

With its state-of-the-art products, Ocean can be trusted to deliver solutions for a wide range of defence, government, and private sector requirements.


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Ocean is a leading provider of software solutions aimed at improving operational efficiency, boosting safety, and providing significant ROI to airforce clients globally.

The company’s solutions have been designed to maximise effectiveness in operations where there is a requirement to coordinate several assets, facilities, people and resources in challenging environments with an elevated risk.

With its state-of-the-art products, Ocean can be trusted to deliver solutions for a wide range of defence, government, and private sector requirements.

Training management system for airforce requirements

Ocean’s cutting-edge software platform, FlightPRO®, aims to ease the process of planning, scheduling and executing flight training and operations.

It can also assist in the communicating, monitoring, reporting and analysis of flight data.

FlightPRO® can be customised to suit individual requirements and operating environments, and can easily be connected with other Ocean products and on-base systems.

An industry-proven solution with more than 25 years’ in operation, FlightPRO® continues to adapt to global industry requirements.

Innovative software for resource and people management

SmartBase® offers improved situational awareness for all teams working across base.

It provides a single timeline view of all people, resources, and locations, along with the activities they have been assigned to. Decision support features help users identify potential blocks and optimise resource utilisation.

Improved collaboration and safety is also delivered through powerful currencies & qualifications engine and real-time notifications & deconfliction.

SmartBase® has been specially designed for defence and includes security features designed for challenging environments.

Management solutions for airforce applications

Ocean’s TAMS® software is a visual planning schedule that is ideal for the management of airspace and base areas.

It allows users to optimise the utilisation of shared assets and environments within congested airspace and base support areas.

TAMS® has been specially developed in collaboration with the airforce industry and to ensure it has the flexibility required to meet the demanding requirements of the sector.

Development services from Ocean

Ocean is dedicated to assisting its airforce clients at every stage, from the initial design process to the development, implementation, and maintenance of our solutions.

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