Nordic Radar Solutions develops next-generation advanced radar-based systems for a range of military and civilian applications.

The company is committed to developing next-generation advanced radar-based systems for a range of military and civilian applications.

Effective and fast radar target scoring for military operations

With restrained military budgets and increasing complexity, effective and fast target scoring is critical. Traditional methods are no longer sufficient for demanding military operations as there is a need to produce a valid feedback almost in real-time.

Advanced system for military weapons scoring

Nordic Radar Solutions has developed an Advanced Battlefield Integrated Scoring System (ABISS). This remote, stand-alone, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) based radar system delivers high quality, near real-time weapons scoring data to military customers when operating in extremely demanding environments.

With the Danish Armed Forces as the partner and sponsor, Nordic Radar Solutions has currently developed its first target scoring system for the Royal Danish Air Force shooting range at Rømø in South Western Denmark.

Save time and reduce operating costs during weapons testing

ABISS significantly reduces overall operating cost when performing sophisticated weapons testing and training events by reducing the amount of ammunition and range time. Additionally, a faster and better feedback improves the quality of training.

Ka-band radar is the core

The core of Nordic Radar Solutions’ system consists of an advanced Ka-band radar, which illuminates the selected target area with multiple beams, enabling it to accurately measure the impact point, velocity and angle of the incoming weapon in near real-time, during day and night and in all-weather. No internet access it required.

The sensor information is accompanied with relevant information about the shooting scenario and presented to the range officer in the form of a state-of-the-art user interface. Data is automatically logged and selected statistical performance data in relation to the pilot/operator is calculated.

The system will generate a final report of the exercise for debriefing of the pilot or operator after landing.

Separate transmit and receive antennas

The special radar system designed by Nordic Radar Solutions utilises separate transmit and receive antennas. Without this isolation, it becomes very difficult to detect weak return signals stemming from the often very small targets. Both antennas are based on an innovative very low-loss slotted waveguide (SWG) array design with inherent beam steering capability and support of multiple beams.

Monopulse operation for very high accuracy

The receive antenna facilitates advanced monopulse operation, which enables the radar system to determine the position of a target with very high accuracy. The ability to operate with multiple beams means the radar system operates with a high field of view while still maintaining a very high resolution due to the narrow beam width of each individual beam.

These characteristics allow the radar system to monitor a wide target area in the scoring application and capture the impact position of bombs and projectiles accurately, even if they miss the target by a significant margin.

How the ABISS system works

The ABISS system consists of a container with the main ABISS system and an operator control system. The container includes a lift and foldable roof, which allows to stow the antenna and antenna pedestal inside the container when the ABISS system is not in use. This further protects the entire system from the local environment.

The container lift and roof are fully automated and require no manual effort to exercise. The operator control system provides control of the ABISS system through a multi-screen setup and a laptop for manual control and selection. The container and the operator control system are connected through a dedicated ethernet cable between the two units.

No additional equipment needs to be installed on the shooting range and is flexible in operation with simple and rapid set-up.