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Unit 3A, Gilray Road, Vinces Road Industrial Estate, Diss, IP22 4EU,Norfolk, United Kingdom

Unit 3A, Gilray Road, Vinces Road Industrial Estate, Diss, IP22 4EU,Norfolk, United Kingdom

Flight Simulators Limited (FSL) specialises in professional, high-quality devices for the education and flight training markets.

We are able to meet the demands of universities, colleges and schools involved in aerospace engineering, flight modelling and aircraft design.

Military flight simulators for flight training

FSL offers a wide range of military flight simulators for various uses, including flight training, part-task training, procedural training, and entertainment.

Our range comprises the state-of-the-art RAF Fighter, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightening, as well as the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon and McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet.

Helicopter simulators for professional training and industries

We supply a variety of helicopter simulators such as AW139, Bell 206, Bell 412 EPi, Bell 412 Basix and the MD500. We can provide full motion devices using 3DOF and 6DOF systems.

Our work has been commended by flight training organisations, colleges and universities, and corporate clients. FSL simulators are widely used within the police and medical training fields, as well as the oil platform industry.

Fighter aircraft cockpits

Designed for the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, FSL’s latest F16 Simulator is supplied complete or can be purchased in modules subject to affordability.

We offer the full cockpit system, including the simulator cockpit and computers with software, a curved projection screen, projectors, software and training. Additionally, we can provide a projection dome system for extra immersability, or individual modular sections; frame; seat; computer; and curved screens for homebuilders.

Single-seat, modular simulators

MATLAB is the latest product in our simulator range for educational organisations. It combines a desktop environment for interactive analysis and design processes with a programming language that directly expresses matrix and array mathematics.

MATLAB and Simulink collaborate to support model-based designs, which is used for multi-domain simulation and automatic code generation, test and verification of embedded systems.

MATLAB is extremely versatile and can be used for flight training, driver training and engineering design. We are working on military adaptations to simulate fighter aircraft such as F16, F18, BAE Hawk and AV8B Harrier, as well as developing a helicopter version.

Motion platforms and devices for aircraft simulators

FSL offers state-of-the-art motion platforms, ranging from small units that can carry a single-seat simulator up to full-motion six degrees of freedom units that can carry a fully enclosed airline cockpit simulator.

Our motion platforms and devices are deployed for applications such as flight simulation, motor racing, truck driver training and many more.

About Flight Simulators Limited

FSL can design and build a flight simulator to enable single-pilot and dual-pilot cockpit configurations using modular systems architecture. These are used within aerospace engineering departments for research, testing and development of varying systems.

Our expertise spans a number of decades, ensuring the best device for your organisation.

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