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Systecon provides consulting, computer software and training for logistics support and spares optimisation both in Sweden and worldwide. These services support planning and improvement of hardware systems and logistic systems with regard to productivity, accessibility, safety and economy. Our customers operate within defence, energy, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

Our emphasis lies on consulting. We participate through the entire project and practise a life cycle approach for optimum effectiveness and economy. The methods used, have in many cases been developed by us to support our own consulting business. Some of these methods have been generalised and are available as computer software – like OPUS10 and OPSA.


OPUS10 is the market leading computer model for solving Logistic Support and Spares Optimisation problems. It is a flexible, true multi-echelon, multi-indenture level program with the ability to handle large and asymmetric maintenance support organisations. The OPUS10 optimisation program is recognised for its speed, user friendliness and rich ability to give comprehensive and relevant output with many measures of effectiveness, several crucial LCC (Life Cycle Cost) elements, cost/effectiveness curves and tables as well as the optimal spares assortments and allocations.

The OPUS10 program with its powerful modelling capability makes it a necessary tool for analysis of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

RM12 engine (from Volvo Aero Corp) for the JAS 39 Gripen aircraft. The aircraft engines are complex and expensive - ideal for studies with OPUS10, the market-leading computer model for solving Logistic Support and Spares Optimisation.
OPUS10 - Input table, Effectiveness curves and Support organisation. The OPUS10 program with its powerful modelling capability makes it a necessary tool for analysis of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC).
Gripen by SAAB - the 4th generation multi-role combat aircraft for the 21st century.
SAAB 340 with the radar system PS890 by Ericsson. OPUS10 presently is leased to more than 90 different customers in 15 countries around the world - a total of over 400 installations in both the civilian and military sector.


OPUS10 presently is leased to more than 90 different customers in 15 countries around the world – a total of over 400 installations in both the civilian and military sector.

The Defence part of the list of Installations include 8 Air Forces, 6 Armies and 5 Navies as well as major defence contractors like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAe, DASA, GEC Marconi, Agusta, Alenia, Ericsson Microwave, Celsius, IAI, GIAT, GKN, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, SAAB, Volvo Aero Corp. On the civilian side we find offshore companies like Statoil, Rail companies like ADtranz and authorities like Singapore Land Transport Authority.

OPUS10 is also renowned for the comprehensive and cost/effective upgrade and support witnessed by a high rate of recurrent customers.


OPSA is short for OPUS10 System Analyser and is a graphically oriented program interfacing OPUS10 for analysing and editing the material break down structure in an OPUS10 input file. OPSA is very useful in the system analysis in order to pinpoint critical items from a cost or quality point of view. OPSA also contain a Data Generator for early analysis.

OPRAL is an analytical model for determining the optimal combination of repair locations and spares allocations in a multilevel hierarchical support organisation. In OPUS10 the repair decisions are fixed and given as input parameters, while OPRAL evaluates several different repair strategies in order to find the optimal one.

OpSSim integrated with OPUS10 is a powerful and flexible computer based model to simulate and analyse complex operational and logistic support scenarios. It enables quantitative trade-offs to support the delicate balance between operational effectiveness and the associated investment in systems and support. OpSSim is developed by Westland System Assessment with Systecon as subcontractor on behalf of the Royal Air Force.

Press Releases

  • Qantas Defence Services Purchases OPUS10

    Systecon welcomes Qantas Defence Services to the steadly growing group of OPUS10 customers. Qantas Defence Services (QDS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qantas Airways, created in 1999 with a specific focus on the defence industry. It provides maintenance, supply, deep maintenance and

  • Systecon Receives New Order from Denmark

    Systecon has received an order from DALO (Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation) that includes consultancy services as well as Systecon's ILS analysis tools OPUS10 and SIMLOX. Systecon's services and tools will be used in DALO's current acquisition of a new maritime hel

  • FMV Awards Systecon New Framework Agreement

    Systecon, together with Generic, Logica and Sjöland &~38; Thyselius, has been awarded a new framework agreement with Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) within the Telecom Networks area. The contract runs until June 2013 and includes consulting service support with technical s

  • ADD Naval Systems Buy Systecon's OPUS10 and SIMLOX

    South Korean agency for defence development (ADD), Naval Systems, has bought Systecon's spares optimisation tool OPUS10 and logistic support simulation tool SIMLOX. The tools will be used in South Korea's current submarine development programme. The purchase was managed and administrate

  • Systecon Elects New Board Member

    Systecon has a new board member, Claes Nycander, who was elected on 23 March. Claes Nycander is currently product development director at TeliaSonera Mobile. His previous positions include CEO of Telia Research and Business Innovation as well as TeliaSonera group net manager. About the

  • SuperJet International Purchases OPUS10

    SuperJet International, a joint venture between Italian comapny Alenia Aeronautica and Russian firm Sukhoi, has purchased OPUS10, the world-leading software for spare parts optimisation and logistic support analysis for complex technical systems within defence, transportation, energy and producti


    Long time OPUS10 and SIMLOX user EADS Defence and Security in Manching, Germany recently purchased additional licenses for SIMLOX and added CATLOC, Systecon's software for LCC and cost analysis, to their ILS-analysis tool-box. The purchase was managed by Systecon's German representative

  • Saab Communication purchase OPUS10

    Saab Communication has selected OPUS10 for strategic and tactical optimization of logistics support. Thereby joining the many business units within Saab AB that use OPUS10 as well as Systecons other tools, SIMLOX and CATLOC. As one of the largest and oldest users of Systecon software, Saab is a k

  • User Group Australia

    In the beginning of February Systecon and our Australian representative Thales will conduct a two day user seminar in Sydney. Australian users of Systecon software will get the possibility to review new functionality and interesting case studies. It is also a great opportunity to exchange informa

  • Extended Assigment in FMV Project

    FMV (Swedish Defense Materiel Administration) has granted Systecon continued engagement in Phase III of the DU Sjö-project. Systecon is involved in management as well as execution of this project that will create the basis for an implementation of new IT-support for the Maintenance Section of th

  • Bell Helicopter purchase OPUS10

    We welcome Bell Helicopter to the steadily growing group of OPUS10 customers. The Spares and Logistics Support Optimization tool will be installed and utilized by Bell Helicopter's ILS department in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

  • Continued Engagement in NH90 Helicopter Project

    Swedish Defence Materiel Administration has extended Systecons engagement in the build-up of ILS resources for the Helicopter 14 (NH90). The logistic support analysis tools OPUS10 and SIMLOX and the cost analysis tool CATLOC in combination with Systecon consultants' expertise and experi

  • The Stockholm Office is Moving

    Systecon's services and tools are in high demand. To meet the demands from our customers, both the consultancy department and the software development department has continually expanded . To make room for new personnel, our Stockholm office moves to a new larger office on September 21.

  • Two SIMLOX Orders from China

    Academy of Armored Forces Engineering is one of two new customers in China that recently purchased Systecon's tool SIMLOX, for simulation of operations and logistics support. The other customer is confidential. Both acquisitiosn were managed by Systecon's Chinese representative Yuntong

  • Continued Consultancy Support in FMV's Helicopter Procurement

    Systecon has received two new orders to continue the support of FMV's (the Swedish Defense Material Administration) procurement and introduction of the new helicopter types Hkp 14 (NH90) and Hkp 15 (A109 LUHS). The task is to cooperate with FMV in the definition and optimization of the

  • SIMLOX Approved by UK MoD

    SCS (Supply Chain Support - Inventory Optimisation) within the UK Ministry of Defence performs thorough verification and validation (V&V) of Logistic Modelling Tools used by the MoD. In the recently completed V&V of Systecon simulation tool SIMLOX v3, the tool passed a full Leve

  • Systecon Announce New Representative in Germany

    Philotech GmbH has been appointed as Systecon's new representative in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The appointment is the result of a thorough search and analysis including several capable potential partner companies. One key reason that Phil

  • Raytheon Selects OPUS10

    Raytheon Technical Services Company in Portsmouth, RI has acquired a LAN server network license for OPUS10. A key application area for RTSC is LORA (Level Of Repair Analyis) using the unique LORA XT module in OPUS10. An extended OPUS10 Basic course was successfully conducted in August.<

  • French Air Force Buy OPUS10, SIMLOX and CATLOC

    SIMMAD (Structure Intégrée du Maintien en condition opérationnelle des Matériels Aéronautiques de la Défense), the maintenance arm of French Air Force, has been using OPUS10 for a few years. SIMMAD recently complemented their set of ILS analysis tools with Syste

  • Marshall Aerospace selects SIMLOX

    Marshall Aerospace, leading independent aerospace contractor based in Cambridge UK, has selected SIMLOX for simulation of operations and logistics support.

  • Opus10 Version 7 Released!

    The new version 7 of OPUS10 includes several enhancements to both user interface and modeling capabilities which will make OPUS10 even more flexible and easy to use for logistics support and spares optimization. It will be distributed to customers and representatives shortly. Concurren

  • New Assignments Within Swedish Armed Forces PRIO Project

    In March 2007 Systecon AB received several orders for continued work within the Swedish Armed Forces' PRIO project. Project PRIO is an important part of Swedish Armed Forces' reform work, aimed at supporting the implementation of unified and efficient work processes within HR, economy and logisti

  • Support Solution Design for Nordic Battle Group

    Systecon has received an order to perform analyses of the logistics support solution for NBG08 (Nordic Battle Group). In close collaboration with FMV (Swedish Defence Material Administration) Systecon will use the tools SIMLOX and OPUS10 to dimension the NBG08 logistic support solutions

  • MTU and VAC select CATLOC

    MTU Aero Engines in Munic and Volvo Aero in TrollhĠttan have both selected Systecons LCC and cost analysis tool CATLOC for whole life cost analysis of aero engines. The most immediate objective with CATLOC is related to the EU project Vivace. The aim of this effort is to develop a

  • SIMLOX to Lockheed Martin US

    The first SIMLOX delivery to the United States will be done early 2007 as Lockheed Martin in Owego NY recently bought licenses for the tool. The Owego office already has the optimisation tool OPUS10 like several other Lockheed Martin offices in the US and the UK.

  • Kockums Malmö purchases OPUS10

    Kockums has decided to complement its OPUS10 installation in Karlskrona with a satellite installation in Malmö. The purchase comes half a year after Kockum's Karlskrona office discided to upgrade their outdated OPUS9 to the latest OPUS10 v6. Systecons Managing Director Robert Hell


  • KC-130J Multi-Role Tanker

    The KC-130J is a multi-role tanker aircraft designed and developed by Lockheed Martin to replace the KC-130F/R/T aircraft.

  • AW109LUH (Light Utility Helicopter)

    The AW109LUH (Light Utility Helicopter) is a multi-mission, twin-engine rotorcraft developed by AgustaWestland. It is a militarised version of the proven AW109 civilian helicopter.

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