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Kanfit Achieves AS9100 Rev. D Quality Management System Accreditation

Kanfit announced that following an extensive audit conducted by the Standards Institution of Israel, the company has been re-certified to AS9100 Rev D.

Kanfit has been AS9100 certified since 2006, and ISO 9001 certified since 1992.

AS9100 Rev D is the most current industry standard of quality and risk management for organisations that design and manufacture products for the aerospace industry, including parts, components and assemblies.

“This updated certification reconfirms our commitment to providing our customers with the highest-quality products and services that are safer, more reliable and that meet their technical specifications and cost requirements,” said Shai Fine, General Manager of Kanfit.

“It also reinforces Kanfit’s position as a manufacturer of primary and detailed parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies for the civilian and military aerospace markets by standardising the quality processes within our organisation.”

Kanfit is a leading manufacturer of primary and detailed parts, sub-assemblies and ready-to-fly assemblies made from composite and metal materials for the aerospace and medical device industries. Kanfit uses a wide range of manufacturing processes to produce composite components, including autoclave, RTM, LRI, Prepregs – Oven & Vacuum, and Wet Lay-Up.

Kanfit is constantly exploring new technologies for engineering and manufacturing next-generation parts and components that will enable its customers to achieve optimal energy efficiency and performance. Kanfit recently introduced 3D additive manufacturing, and in May is scheduled to add automated fibre placement (AFP) to its manufacturing processes.

For more information, contact:

Shachar Fine, EVP Business Development, Marketing and Sales
US Toll Free: +1 888 203 4437
Cell: +972 50 223 1729
email: shachar@kanfit.com

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