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UEIDAQ Framework Supports All Major Programming Languages


UEI’s customers come from an extremely broad range of industries and their applications are just as varied. As such, they don’t want to be locked into just one programming environment.

UEI offers more choices in terms of support for various operating systems and programming environments, including Linux, QNX and Windows.

The UEIDAQ Framework, included in PowerDAQ and PowerDNA Software Suites, comes with an extension module (driver) for DASYLab to easily interface your DASYLab worksheet with UEI data acquisition devices.

One of the major advantages of the DASYLab driver for PowerDAQ/PowerDNA is ability to acquire data from multiple devices at a time. The UEI DASYLab driver also provides virtualised data acquisition which allows you to start programming your application without having actual hardware.

The UEIDAQ Framework also comes with an adaptor for the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox, which provides a complete set of tools for analog input, analog output, and digital I/O. The toolbox lets you configure your external hardware devices, read data into MATLAB for immediate analysis, and send out data.

With bindings for LabVIEW, C++ and Excel, amongst others, the UEIDAQ Framework library dramatically cuts the amount of code needed to perform data-acquisition and control tasks.

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