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RF Materials Characterisation Research, Products and Services

Compass Technology Group (CTG) is an industry-leading supplier of innovative radio frequency (RF) materials measurement systems and services for the defence industry.


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Compass Technology Group (CTG) is an industry-leading supplier of innovative radio frequency (RF) materials measurement systems and services for the defence industry.

The company’s best-in-world precision laboratory provides RF materials measurement products from <60MHz to >90GHz, as well as contract measurements and research services.

With extensive knowledge in materials science, antenna/probe design, system engineering and software development, CTG has pioneered numerous lab-precision microwave and millimeter wave measurement systems for defence clients.

CTG Millimeter Wave Benchtop Focused Beam, 50 GHz - 110 GHz
Rugged Handheld Microwave Measurement Probe
CTG Microwave Calipers with Flat and Curved Surface Spacers
CTG Table Top Measurement System
CTG AMMP on Fanuc LRMate and Universal Robots Cobot
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CTG Focused Beam Lens and Sample Holder

RF probes and portable microwave measurement devices

CTG’s Advanced Microwave Mapping Probes (AMMP) are wideband RF spot probes that provide near-focused beam accuracy for a variety of manufacturing and field deployment options.

CTG’s SP218 measures from 2GHz-20GHz with an approximately 5cm spot size. CTG’s SP2040 works from 20GHz to 40GHz with an approximately 3.5cm spot size. These rugged, wide-bandwidth sensors are especially designed for use in manufacturing and field environments. They can be paired with 1- or 2-port microwave analysers for reflection or transmission measurements.

AMMP can be purchased in a handheld version for portable reflection measurements. Paired with CTGcalc™ Handheld Software it is easily customised for specific manufacturing or maintenance workflows.

Portable microwave calipers offer flexible 2GHz-20GHz microwave measurements of flat, simple and complex curved components of variable sizes and shapes. The calipers can be ordered to different width and length capabilities and have protective RF cable management.

CTG’s AMMP-based Tabletop measurement system replaces large laboratory focused beam systems for a fraction of the price and footprint. Like more expensive laboratory systems, the Tabletop can measure materials to extract dielectric and magnetic properties as well as provide transmission and/or reflection performance.

Robotic measurements for military and commercial applications

Based on our suite of RF spot probes, we have experience delivering various robot automation solutions for transmission or reflection measurements. Our developed systems include both industrial and collaborative robot automation for manufacturing and maintenance facilities. In addition, our solutions have included intuitive user interfaces combined with expert systems software so that technicians may conduct sophisticated measurements with minimal training.

Millimeter wave materials measurement products

CTG offers two standard products for millimeter wave measurement or inspection.

The 1.6m-long CTG Millimeter Wave Benchtop Focused Beam Measurement System is capable of sample measurement from 20GHz-110GHz. It comes with custom fixtures for easy alignment, two 15cm diameter lenses, a reconfigurable specimen holder for specimens up to 30cm x 30cm, and a variety of horn and frequency extender mounts for different frequency bands.

CTG also offers the SP2040, a compact, wideband millimetre wave probe (20GHz – 40GHz) that is ideal for a portable, tabletop-free space system, or for deployment on a robot for automated measurements.

Laboratory RF material measurement systems

CTG offers a focused beam system that can operate from 2GHz-110GHz for material measurements, including:

  • 3m cart with wheels, stabilised feet, and mounting hardware/attachments
  • Two 60cm-diameter lenses (each lens is two half lenses that can be reconfigured for focusing or collimated beams)
  • Two feed horns: open boundary quad-ridge, dual pol, 2GHz-32GHz (other frequency bands available by request)
  • Reconfigurable specimen holder with elevation tilt capability that can hold specimens of up to 60cm x 60cm (minimum specimen size is frequency-dependent)

Upgrades and add-ons to the base system include furnaces or ovens for high-temperature measurement, bi-static measurement capability, 2D radar cross-section (RCS), as well as custom training and installation.

Our CTGcalc™ software offers data acquisition and calibration combined with plotting tools for time and frequency domain and material property inversions (dielectric, magnetic, impedance).

CTG also designs and manufactures laboratory-grade VHF and UHF waveguides such as our WR-4200 waveguide (interior dimensions of 42in by 5.25in). Our waveguides have specially-designed symmetric transitions that provide wide bandwidths while minimising higher-order mode excitement.

Advanced materials measurement products

CTG has pioneered the use of computational electromagnetic (CEM) methods to convert measured S-parameters into intrinsic properties such as permittivity, permeability, and impedance. CTG has a number of products based on this method that enable measurement in ways not possible using conventional microwave materials fixtures.

Offerings include the following:

  • epsilon measurement probe (eMP), a device for measuring dielectric or impedance of sheet materials at VHF/UHF frequencies.
  • Slotted Rectangular Coaxial system (R-Coax) a device for continuous in-line measurement of sheet materials operating at VHF and UHF frequencies.
  • RF-capacitor, a device for measuring dielectric properties of 7.62 cm cubes of bulk materials (such as honeycomb) at VHF/UHF frequencies.

Sophisticated user-friendly software

CTG is an agile workshop offering off-the-shelf and custom software packages for all of our measurement systems. CTG’s software and hardware are delivered in an integrated package that ensures easy and efficient use by technicians or engineers in the customer’s workflow.

Contract research solutions for complex materials measurement requirements

CTG deep experience in electromagnetic materials and measurement methods enables cost-effective measurements and an ability to aid our customers in solving the most complex materials problems.

We serve our customers’ through an engineering process of understanding, innovating, implementing, and iteratively perfecting. This comprehensive approach to problem solving has served us well, and we are constantly pioneering new technologies for RF materials measurement.

CTG is an accomplished Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) recipient with a proven track record of successful contract research in the defence industry. We have repeatedly taken basic research and progressing it into practical, deployed measurement solutions used by our customers in their manufacturing and field measurement applications.

Precision RF material measurement services

Whether you need only a few measurements or you have a large measurement project you’re working on, CTG can help. We offer both conventional and novel RF material measurements across a wide band of frequencies. Our experience also helps to provide you insight on your materials and the relationship between manufacturing conditions and resulting properties.

Given the sample size and measurement requirements, our experts can provide customised measurement recommendations. We can also supply analysis, computational/analytical modelling, design, and general consulting to support your measurement needs.

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