German-based Aviation Archive Service (AAS) is a specialist for the stringent archiving requirements of the aerospace industry. Increasingly we find ourselves providing consultancy for corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies in other industries. In the process, our goal is to create a long-term relationship with our customers.

Conception, development and operation of digital and traditional archiving systems

The main emphasis of our work is the conception, development and operation of digital and traditional archiving systems. We offer solutions to meet the demands of professional long-term archiving and at the same time satisfying the individual requirements of our customers.

AAS was founded in May 2004. The founder and managing director Uwe Kraft has been working for consulting companies in the fields of documentation and archiving since the mid 1990’s. AAS is located in the center of Hamburg, one of the world’s largest aviation centers. In addition, a number of employees are active at our customers’ locations.

Documentation and archiving services

Professional documentation and archiving supports the daily operations of a modern business, protects it against damage claims, and assists with knowledge retention and reuse. A secure long-term archiving solution is especially important for research-oriented companies.

CAA-Logistic is a system solution for the inventory and cataloguing of archive documents in DIN folders.
ocument Viewer is a research tool for the search and visualization of digitally archived documents.
RelMap Viewer is a tool to create, search and visualize relations between objects, e.g. documents, companies, people.

But where should a company keep all of these documents? Should its storage method be digital or paper-based? What are the requirements of courts, government agencies and big corporations, such as large aircraft manufacturers? What do supplier companies have to observe? How does one archive documents compliant with legal regulations? What has to be saved and for how long? How does one ensure that a specific document can quickly be
found in the archives? AAS offers companies individual solutions to these pressing questions with our archiving and documentation services.

Digital archiving

AAS establishes a digital archive and will, if required, take over complete implementation, starting with the digitalization process and including quality control project management. AAS assists organizations to develop common attributes for a uniform content-based indexing of heterogenous documents.

Internal or external long-term document archive

>After taking the specific needs and situation of the company into consideration, AAS will structure or re-structure the physical archives and create a concept for an internal or external long-term archive.

Aerospace document discovery

For companies in the aerospace industry in particular, AAS will research and analyze all necessary documents of evidence for presentation to a court of law, attorneys or government agencies in cases of damage claims.

Archiving software development

AAS develops search systems and research applications as well as tools to provide solutions to unique problems for the entire field of archiving.

Archiving and documentation consulting services

AAS provides consultation for its customers in all issues concerning documentation and archiving. This consultation encompasses all areas and stages of development in professional archiving starting with an idea and progressing to a tailor-made solution for the smooth operation of archives.