LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd. is a Korean aerospace and defence company. It develops the entire lifecycle of weapon systems from R&D to production and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

It develops precision-guided munitions, unmanned systems, avionics, command/control/communication, electronic warfare, and surveillance & reconnaissance solutions.

Its precision-guided munitions include a range of surface-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, lightweight torpedo, anti-submarine missile, wire-guided heavyweight torpedo, mobile sea decoy, and submarine-launched mobile sea mine. Its surveillance and reconnaissance solutions include a range of radars and sensors, and micro satellite, among others. Its avionics solutions include head-up display (HUD) units, flight data recorders, flight control computers, radar altimeters, mission computer, and multifunction displays, among others.

Its electronic warfare solutions include ground, shipborne and airborne electronic warfare equipment, anti-drone protection equipment, electronic warfare training programs, and direction finders and monitoring systems.

LIG Nex1’s unmanned systems include multi-purpose unmanned helicopter, drone, multicopter-type cargo drone systems; insect-type ground mobile robots for military applications; mobile bird repellent systems; unmanned surface vehicle; unmanned underwater vehicles; remotely operated vehicles; and autonomous underwater vehicles among others.

The company is a major contributor to South Korea’s national missile defence system.