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Richard Thomas

Nato deploys AWACS to Lithuania to monitor Russian activity

Since February 2022, Nato AWACS have conducted hundreds of flights over eastern Europe to monitor Russian aircraft.

Signal: UAE’s EDGE continues push into Brazilian defence market

EDGE Group has acquired a 50% stake in a Brazilian smart weapons manufacturer and has also signed agreements with a number of the country’s military services.

Sweden could break forecasts with possible defence spend increase

The newly outlined appropriations plan, if met, will see Sweden reach a series of forecast spending targets years ahead of schedule.

UK’s Marshall Aerospace expands into US with North Carolina C-130 facility

US site will serve operators who require North American location for maintenance and sustainment of in-service C-130 tactical transporters.

Austria confirms selection of C-390 transporter as C-130 replacement

Austrian national news outlet Kronen Zeitung appeared to break the news, which was followed 24 hours later by official confirmation.

UK RAF quick reaction fighter launches double in three years

The Royal Air Force maintains flights of Typhoon fighters on launch readiness to intercept potential threats or unidentified aircraft heading to UK airspace.

US approves Canadian FMS for missiles to fit platform it does not operate

Canada does not – yet – operate the MQ-9B drone but is seeking to acquire hundreds of Hellfire missiles that can be fitted to the platform.

MBDA receives additional SPEAR EW funding from UK MoD

The SPEAR-EW variant is an electronic warfare effector intended to suppress enemy air defence during combat operations

US approves $389m Poland F-16 fighter support deal

Poland is investing in its air capabilities and is working to modernise its 48-strong F-16 fleet, while also buying new F-35 stealth fighters.

Signal: Hellios and BAE Systems unveil JOSCAR Zero as industry ESG filings mentions increase

The initiative is intended to help companies in the aerospace and defence sector reduce carbon emissions as customers and suppliers take greater notice of ESG trends.