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Future Combat Air System: UK and France move ahead

The UK and France have announced a £1.54bn project to build a prototype of the Future Combat Air System. The next-generation UAV programme builds on the successful £120m joint feasibility study undertaken after the last UK- France Summit in 2014. With full scale development of prototypes set to begin in 2017, Claire Apthorp takes a look at the requirements for the UAV and ask what the two countries are hoping to gain from it.

Paris Air Show 2015 –sun shines but not on big ticket items

While the sun made a very welcome appearance at Le Bourget for this year’s Paris Air Show, big ticket sales of military aerospace equipment did not. Sales were markedly dominated by Airbus and Boeing on the commercial side, with military sales – and even the big defence players themselves – significantly fewer and farther between that ever before.

JLENS: controversial spy blimp takes to the skies

On 27 December, the US Army’s newest aerial surveillance asset took to the skies over Maryland on the US East Coast. Talk to the army, and JLENS is a tethered aerostat that floats 10,000ft in the air carrying powerful radar systems to provide defensive radar coverage over an area roughly the size of Texas; talk to the sceptics, and JLENS is a giant ‘spy blimp’, being launched into the skies above Washington DC to the detriment of personal privacy. So – which is it? Claire Apthorp reports.

The Mothership – UAV swarms inspire research into flying aircraft carriers

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have already transformed military operations but an ambitious new project from DARPA could take the capability even further by deploying a cooperative, connected, mother ship-launched swarm. Claire Apthorp reports on the significant progress already made in the quest to launch UAV inspired ‘aircraft carriers in the sky’. launches major industry survey would like to invite you to take part in our latest industry confidence tracking survey, examining industry sentiment surrounding the latest economic and consumer issues worldwide and their impact upon investment decisions and growth prospects within the industry.

Hypersonic MUSTARD and the piggy-back Fighter Jet: BAE’s forgotten aircraft

Over the years BAE Systems has produced many of the most iconic and game changing defence technologies but not all have made it past the drawing board. To celebrate the opening of a new heritage centre the company has released an astounding series of retro-designs.

Russia will not deliver Yak-130 fighter jets to Syria

Russia will not deliver a previously agreed order of 40 Yak-130 fighter planes to Syria, according to a senior Russian official.

Syrian MiG-21 fighter pilot defects to Jordan

A Syrian fighter pilot has landed has a Russian-built MiG-21 fighter jet at the King Hussein military airbase in the north of Jordan and been granted political asylum.

Government defence spending reached $1.7bn in 2011

Government defence spending reached $1.738bn dollars in 2011 according to new figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Unmanned revolution – how companies are aiding UAV progress

The unmanned aerial systems industry remains strong, as it adapts to support the requirements of global armed forces. Berenice Baker talks to BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Elbit Systems about their latest developments and how they work with the military to fulfil their needs.