UVH-170E is a new unmanned vertical take-off landing (VTOL) helicopter developed by UAVOS. Image courtesy of UAVOS.
The unmanned helicopter has a length of 3.28m. Image courtesy of UAVOS.
The maximum speed of the UVH-170E UAV is 120km/h. Image courtesy of UAVOS.

UVH-170E is a new unmanned helicopter designed and manufactured by UAVOS, an unmanned vehicle developer based in the US.

It is the latest addition to the portfolio of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) developed by UAVOS, which include UVH-29E UAV, UVH-290E UAV, Borey-10, and Sitaria-E fixed-wing unmanned systems.

UVH-170E was exhibited at the Aero India Show 2019 international aerospace exhibition held in Bangalore, India, in February 2019.

The unmanned rotorcraft is intended to offer an adaptable aerial solution to the operators for performing a range of missions in tropic climatic regions.

The upgraded tropical version comes equipped with vertical take-off landing (VTOL) capabilities that allow operations at higher altitudes and hot and humid conditions.

Mission capabilities

The UAV is capable of performing multiple missions such as anti-terrorist operations, video surveillance and monitoring, search-and-rescue (SAR), intelligence gathering, and patrol operations.

Other applications of the unmanned helicopter include payload delivery, frequency jamming, radio link range extension and retransmission, target pointing and designation, and hydrological and metrological surveys.

UVH-170E design and features

UVH-170E features a conventional rotorcraft design integrating a long fuselage fitted with a fixed landing gear, a main rotor, and a tail rotor. It is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -35ºC to +50ºC.

It measures 3.28m-long and 851mm-high and has a larger wheelbase of 875mm. The main rotor diameter of the unmanned helicopter is 2.6m.

The UAV has an empty weight of 28kg and can be dismantled and stored in a box measuring 1,300mm-long, 650mm-wide, and 800mm-high.

The maximum payload carrying capacity of the UAV is 5kg, while its maximum take-off weight (MTOW) is 41kg. The fuel tank fitted to the vehicle has the capacity to house 10kg of fuel.

Sensors and navigation systems on the unmanned helicopter

UVH-170E features a gyro-stabilized gimbal fitted below the fuselage. The two-axis gimbal is integrated with a high-definition optical zoom daylight camera, thermal long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras, a 2,500m laser rangefinder, and a graphics processing unit (GPU).

The UAV is also equipped with an optoelectronic device to carry out complex operations and perform exploration, observation, and cartography applications.

Ground control station

The unmanned helicopter is controlled by a portable ground control station (GCS), which can be carried to multiple places in a large box weighing 53lb (24kg).

Mission data, flight plans, and diagnostics can be programmed and fed to the unmanned system using wireless connection from the control station.

The data gathered by the unmanned helicopter is relayed to the control station for analysis. The helicopter can be operated in fully-automatic, semi-automatic, and emergency control modes. It also features an on-board proprietary autopilot system to fly the helicopter in autorotation mode.

UVH-170E engine and performance

UVH-170E unmanned helicopter is powered by a four-stroke gasoline / petrol engine integrated with a starter, a generator, and an injector. The maximum power production capacity of the engine is 7kW. Auxiliary power requirements of the helicopter are served by a 12V Li-Fe battery.

The landing and take-off of the helicopter are completely automated. The UAV is also equipped with safety features such as autorotation mode and ballistic parachute to land safely in emergency conditions.

The cruise speed and maximum speed of the UAV are 60km/h and 120km/h, respectively, while the climb rate is 3m/s during operations and the maximum range is 350km.

UVH-170E can perform operations continuously for five hours, while carrying a payload of 4kg. It has an operational ceiling of 2,500m and can resist a maximum wind speed of 14m/s during take-off and landing.