The US Air Force (USAF) has awarded a multiple-award Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) to Enlighten IT Consulting to support LevelUP programme.

The LevelUP Cloud Services BOA has a performance period of up to five years.

The LevelUP programme operates under the Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks Directorate at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, US.

It is designed to develop two main products, including Cyber Works and Unified Platform.

Cyber Works will focus on rapidly developing new cyberspace capabilities.

The Unified Platform tool aggregates cybersecurity incident data into a single platform to enable all three military services to make use of cyberspace operations techniques. It is a platform for future cyber mission force capabilities.

Alion senior vice-president and general manager Katie Selbe said: “The DoD has developed and approved a DevSecOps platform, Big Data Platform (BDP) that is currently being used for multi-domain operations in commercial Clouds on all classification environments.

“Alion is utilising the BDP as our approach to DevSecOps, aligned to the DoD’s DevSecOps Reference Design to enable rapid delivery of capabilities. And, the BDP has become the go-to architecture for massive-scale data processing. The team utilised the BDP experience doing multi-petabyte scale data management across multiple commercial Clouds as a core differentiator of the Cloud services Alion is able to offer the DoD.”

The Cloud services contract will provide a DevSecOps platform for the joint forces to create, test and deploy new products.

The contract requires Enlighten IT Consulting to provide support across NIPRNet, Public, SIPRNet and JWICS Cloud environments.

Enlighten technical director John Eubank said: “The team’s delivery of capabilities include working across multiple infrastructures to obtain resource efficiencies between Cloud and on-premise infrastructures.”