The US and Republic of Korea (ROK) Air Force will conduct an annual flying exercise, called Vigilant Ace 18.

The realistic air combat exercise seeks to improve interoperability between both the US and RoK, in addition to increasing combat effectiveness of both nations.

To be conducted between 4-8 December, Vigilant Ace forms a part of a continuous exercise programme designed to improve readiness and operational capability of the countries’ forces.

During the exercise, 12,000 personnel from the USAF, Marine Corps, and Navy will train alongside airmen from the Republic of Korea Air Force.

The exercise will involve flying 230 aircraft at eight US and ROK military installations.

Previously known as Beverly Bulldog, Vigilant Ace 18 highlights the longstanding military partnership, commitment and enduring friendship between two nations.

“The exercise is aimed at ensuring peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.”

The exercise is aimed at ensuring peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, and it reaffirms the US commitment to stability in the Northeast Asia region.

The US and the Phillippines are also taking part in the SALAKNIB practical exercise.

As part of the exercise, the Philippine and the US Army are sharing information such as gunnery procedures and maintenance for the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier, artillery tactics and processes, as well as study and validation of the PA Sustainment Functional Concept Document.

SALAKNIB involved firing Artillery and M113 Gunnery to demonstrate their newly burnished skills.