US, six allied and partner nations conduct European Partnership Flight
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US, six allied and partner nations conduct European Partnership Flight

05 Oct 2021 (Last Updated October 5th, 2021 17:00)

The week-long event witnessed participation of representatives from USEUCOM, USAFE, alongside other allies and partners.

US, six allied and partner nations conduct European Partnership Flight
The week-long event brought together representatives from US European Command, US Naval Forces Europe – Africa and USAFE, along with other allied partners. Credit: USAF.

The US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (USAFE) has announced that the service members from the US Army and six allied partner nations participated in a European Partnership Flight (EPF) event.

The event is a Baltic Radar and Sensor Visibility and Integration Workshop co-hosted by US Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa and the Estonian Ministry of Defence.

It was conducted in Tallinn, Estonia, last month.

This week-long event witnessed the participation of representatives from US European Command (USEUCOM), US Naval Forces Europe – Africa (CNE-CNA), and USAFE, alongside partners from Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Finland.

During the event, representatives of these nations discussed the ‘way-ahead’ in support of the radar and sensor visibility and other integration efforts throughout the Baltic Region.

US Air Force colonel 603rd Air Operations Center deputy commander Victoria Habas said: “The EPF is our chance to synchronise with our partners about our shared vision for theatre operations.

“This kind of in-person event has been sorely missed over the last couple of years while travel was constrained.

“We make great gains in trust and confidence amongst each other when we have a chance to hear questions, address concerns, brainstorm and even socialise with one another.

“Our partners possess outstanding capability in both their equipment and their people. In order to be successful in a future fight, we have to be able to bring those capabilities to bear seamlessly with our own.”

The USAF noted that the workshop concentrated on the tasks required to integrate data from organic radars.

It also supported a ‘Significant Security Cooperation Initiative’ aimed at developing a robust command and control network that supports Nato and partner forces.

The workshop results will help the US forces to prepare its workforce and Baltic partners for the next Astral Knight Exercise expected to take place next year.