The Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) has sent a proposal to provide Croatia with 12 new Gripen C/D fighter aircraft.

The government-to-government proposal was submitted to the Croatian authorities.

In addition to the proposal, Saab has planned to provide a customised “strategic cooperation package”. It is expected to enhance the Croatian defence industry and aid Croatian security.

Saab business area Aeronautics senior vice-president and head Jonas Hjelm said: “Sweden and Saab are offering a comprehensive and long-term solution for Croatian homeland security that will protect Croatia’s people and borders for decades to come.

“If Croatia chooses Gripen, Saab is ready to transfer know-how and technology and establish a Regional Aeronautical & Support Service Centre in Croatia.

“This would develop long term cooperation with local defence industry as well as the academic sector, generating some 500 high-tech jobs.”

Gripen C/D is a new-generation, multi-role combat aircraft currently in operation with the airforces of Sweden, South Africa, Hungary, Czech Republic and Thailand.

The Czech Republic and Hungary use the aircraft to take part in Nato missions and joint exercises.

Equipped with the latest technology and weapons, the aircraft is capable of carrying out a wide range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions.

Gripen C/D jet is expected to remain operational for many decades with its systems and weapons undergoing advancement for future missions.

In 2018, Swedish Defence Material Administration submitted a proposal to offer Saab-built Gripen aircraft to the Bulgarian Air Force.