Northrop Grumman has been selected to provide electronic warfare mission equipment for the AC-130J and MC-130J Radio Frequency Countermeasure (RFCM) programme.

The programme is led by Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), which was selected by the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for the programme earlier this month.

Using Northrop Grumman’s advanced antenna, amplifier and electronics technology, the aircraft will provide situational awareness during operations.

During missions, the system will improve aircraft survivability and provide threat detection, precision geolocation, and active countermeasure capabilities.

Northrop Grumman navigation, targeting and survivability vice-president Jim Conroy said: “With the radio frequency threat growing, modern electromagnetic spectrum protection for AC/MC-130J operators worldwide is essential.

“Our product line approach to the RFCM programme is mature and in use throughout our electronic warfare systems.”

As per current mission requirements, the modular system is designed to provide radar warning, threat identification and countermeasure capabilities.

The development uses an open system approach to provide flexibility to adapt to future threats.

Some of Northrop Grumman’s electronic warfare systems are the F-16 electronic warfare suite, AN/APR-39 family of radar warning receivers and pod-based self-protection.

Earlier this month, Northrop Grumman won an initial order from the US Air Force (USAF) for LITENING advanced targeting pod upgrade.

SNC is also a supplier to the AC-130J Ghostrider Precision Strike Package and the prime contractor for the MC-130J Commando II Airborne Mission Networking systems.