Saab has conducted the first flight of the new advanced Electronic Attack Jammer Pod (EAJP) on a Gripen fighter aircraft.

The flight test was intended to test the EAJP’s interfaces with ‘the aircraft’s hardware and software, as well as cockpit control and monitoring’.

It marks a significant milestone in the pod’s development programme. The test was performed on 4 November and yielded positive results.

Part of Saab’s Arexis family of electronic warfare systems, the new EAJP pod is designed to offer protection to aircraft against radars through sophisticated jamming functions.

The installation of the pod on board an aircraft will block an enemy’s ability to attack the aircraft.

Saab stated that the pod is part of its efforts to boost electronic attack capabilities.

In a statement, Saab said: “The EAJP is a strong complement to the built-in electronic attack capabilities of the highly advanced on-board electronic warfare system on Saab’s new Gripen E/F fighter.”

The advanced pod can also be installed on other aircraft types in addition to the Gripen fighter.

Saab senior vice-president and surveillance business area head Anders Carp said: “We performed the flight tests with a Gripen fighter and this new pod is an important part of the development of our new electronic attack capability.”

Electronic warfare systems can also provide passive detection of enemy radar systems and missiles to enable self-protection.

They use active and passive countermeasures to safeguard the aircraft from threats.

Electronic attack systems can disrupt, deny, degrade, destroy, or deceive the sensors in enemy air defence systems.

Saab’s Arexis provides situational awareness to the aircrew to improve survivability.