Rheinmetall has been awarded a framework contract to provide mobile start units and integrated ground power (MSU-GP) for the German Air Force.

The deal has been awarded by the German procurement agency, Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw).

The current value of this contract is approximately $13.8m (C$18m) for a period of three years.

Under the new agreement, Rheinmetall will deliver as many as 16 new MSU-GP to Germany between 2022 and 2025.

The contract also involves the retrofit of 48 MSU-E units, which are in service with the latest MSU-GP version.

According to the company, the German Air Force has been using Rheinmetall’s MSU with its Eurofighter Typhoon jets since 2014.

Rheinmetall’s MSU-GP is a turbine-powered air start unit and a dependable solution for the aircraft’s take-off.

In comparison to a diesel engine unit, MSU-GP is a more reliable, versatile, compact and lighter option to deploy.

Furthermore, MSU-GP is air transportable, proven to perform in extreme weather conditions, and can be used for both military and commercial purposes.

Apart from the German Air Force, Rheinmetall’s MSUs are in use with all of the US Navy’s aircraft carriers.

Recently, the company has also introduced an all-electric air start unit variant called eMSU.

Last month, Rheinmetall received an order from German Bundeswehr to supply its advanced training rigs and augmented reality (AR) systems for the German Air Force.