US-based firm Red 6 has successfully completed the first multi-aircraft training flight against various augmented reality (AR) assets.

Following this flight test, the company has opened a new combat training frontier for the warfighters.

The company has achieved a crucial technical milestone by integrating various live aircraft into a single AR environment.

Red 6 CEO and founder Daniel Robinson said: “We are thrilled that our thesis has been validated and this achievement is a major step forward towards the creation of an outdoor Military Metaverse in which all warfighters, across all domains, can train together.”

During the first flight test, two test pilots from Red 6 flew the Berkut 540 aircraft from the Santa Monica Airport in California.

As soon as the aircraft entered Red 6’s Combined Augmented Reality Battlespace Operation Network (CARBON) over Ventura County, both the pilots could interact and see each other with the same AR generated KC-46 Pegasus Tanker, from their respective aircraft.

According to the company, the Red 1 conducted a training mission on the AR refuelling Tanker while the Red 2 observed the Red 1 and the AR Tanker in real-time. 

Red 6 and F-22 test pilot Brandon Harris said: “Never has it been possible for multiple pilots to communicate simultaneously in AR like this.”

The latest flight test exhibited the display and control systems required for bringing the AR system into the real world, while concurrently integrating tactical artificial intelligence (AI) into the Red 6 system.

In February, the company was awarded an additional contract to integrate its Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) into the US Air Force’s (USAF) T-38 Talon aircraft.