Qwake Technologies and US start-up company Rhea Space Activity (RSA) have teamed up to adapt C-THRU Visual Communications platform for US Air Force (USAF) missions.

The partnership comes after Qwake was awarded a USAF contract to work on its augmented reality (AR) technology C-THRU.

C-THRU Visual Communication platform is designed to simplify visual understanding and improves decision-making and survivability when performing mission-critical tasks.

Rhea Space Activity (RSA) founder Shawn Usman said: “Airforce military operators routinely perform high-altitude low-opening (HALO) and high-altitude high-opening (HAHO) jumps, some at night, to support special operations missions.

“The US Forest service routinely uses Smokejumpers to support US firefighting activities.

“The ingestion of near real-time geospatial data would help in maintaining situational awareness and thereby aids in the insertion of both AFSOC and smokejumpers into austere operating environments.”

The contract is for the enhancement of navigation, communication, and coordination capabilities of airborne and ground-based personnel.

The capabilities will support USAF Special Operations Command, the Air National Guard, US Forest Service Smokejumpers, and Air Force Civil Engineer Center Readiness Directorate Structural Firefighters.

Under the partnership, Qwake and RSA will create a ‘CXF/AFSOC/Smokejumper-targeted, helmet-mounted solution’, called C-THRU FREEFALL, based on its C-THRU Visual Communication solution.

The C-THRU FREEFALL concept seeks to deliver situational awareness during ‘free-fall, canopy piloting, landing, and ground-based firefighting activities’.

Qwake co-founder Mike Ralston said: “Leveraging our innovative computer vision-based AR solution, and incorporating potentially additive real-time information such as geospatial satellite intel and evolving incident maps, can allow C-THRU FREEFALL to bridge the situational awareness gap between mission launch and mission completion.”