The non-profit organisation Green Dot has been awarded a contract by the US Air Force (USAF) to support its five-year strategy to curb interpersonal violence across the service.

Under the terms of the agreement, Green Dot will provide the USAF with violence prevention tools for a period of three years.

Additionally, the command-designated airmen at each installation will hold 50-minute long sessions across the USAF.

"It’s on all of us to take responsibility to prevent interpersonal violence in our Air Force."

Air Force CAIB chair brigadier general Lenny Richoux said: "It’s on all of us to take responsibility to prevent interpersonal violence in our Air Force.

"There are more good Airmen out there who want to take care of their wingman than there are predators seeking to inflict acts of violence inside our family, and I have confidence our Airmen won’t let me or each other stand-alone against this criminal behaviour."

The programme will see the US airmen attend one of 22 Green Dot prep sessions worldwide.

The airmen are expected to complete training by March 2016. Upon returning, they will train peer leader airmen at each base followed by training for all airmen.

USAF violence prevention expert Dr Andra Tharp said: "Green Dot is the Air Force’s first step in arming Airmen for violence prevention using an evidence based public health model.

"Although that sounds complicated, really what it means is that we know Airmen are a vital part of the solution and we will use methods like this that have been subjected to rigorous scientific testing and were proven to be effective in reducing violence."

In March, an Air Force Academy cadet was accused of sexual assault. The hearing was scheduled to be held this week.