The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has developed a new solution, known as snubber, to prevent F-22 Raptor engine damage.

The $35 snubber is a small vibration damper designed to help prevent cracks in the J-seal on the F119 engine’s inlet case, which is a device that controls air flow into the engine.

Each engine will be fitted with seven snubbers, and the total cost of outfitting each F-22 amounted to $245.

The engines were previously pulled out and drilled to stop cracks from growing, and the $362,000 inlet case would be discarded if problems occurred during drilling.

AFRL’s F-22 propulsion division manager Stephen Bringman said: "We hope this will eliminate a huge maintenance driver at a very, very low cost."

The snubbers entered service earlier this year and will last half the lifespan of the engine.