E-Scan radar

BAE Systems has received a contract to de-risk E-Scan active electronically scanned-array (AESA) radar development for integration into the UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Typhoon combat aircraft fleet.

Awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) at the ongoing Farnborough International Airshow, the £72m E-Scan extended assessment phase (EAP) contract requires the company to explore the UK’s capability requirements for E-Scan radar.

The three-year contract requires BAE to undertake Typhoon flight test and ground test of a prototype UK E-Scan radar at the company’s electronic warfare test facility at Warton, Lancashire, UK.

Manufactured by the Euroradar consortium of Cassidian, Selex ES and Indra, the next-generation E-Scan radar is expected to add new mission capabilities, such as simultaneous radar functionalities, air surveillance and air-to-ground and weapon control to Typhoon.

"The three-year contract requires BAE to undertake Typhoon flight test and ground test of a prototype E-Scan radar."

BAE Systems Group managing director Nigel Whitehead said: "The EAP contract represents a significant step in the UK MOD’s commitment to the wider E- Scan programme.

"Having the ability to demonstrate the full potential of E-Scan radar on the aircraft will also assist us in showcasing the full capability of the Typhoon to potential customers."

UK Defence Equipment, Support and Technology Minister Philip Dunne said: "Typhoon jets play a vital role in the protection of the UK, and we remain committed to enhancing Typhoon’s capability to meet the needs of the RAF’s Future Force 2020."

The EAP contract findings will inform the MoD’s procurement process before a full-scale development contract is awarded.

BAE is simultaneously working on the Nato Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) Nations E-Scan development programme, called Radar 1+.

Under Radar 1+, the company completed the maiden flight of its modified Typhoon development aircraft, known as instrumented production aircraft 5 (IPA5), in January.

Image: The integration of E-Scan radar is expected to enhance Typhoon’s capabilities. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.

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