The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded a prime contract to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to provide Blue Devil Block 1 Outside the Continental US (OCONUS) operations and maintenance support services to the AFRL Sensors Directorate.

Under the single-award cost-plus fixed-fee contract, the company will provide services related to airfield and flight operations, deliver operations and maintenance of mission payload, as well as perform processing, exploitation and dissemination of products.

The contract comes with a one-year base period of performance and is valued at $74m.

The contract comes with a one-year base period of performance and is valued at $74m.

The services will provide operational mission support in the form of an advanced multi-intelligence (MULTI-INT) intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensor system to deployed warfighters.

As a follow-on to the Angel Fire electro-optical sensor operational programme, the AFRL Blue Devil has now advanced into an O&M mission support programme after successfully evaluating the use of wide area surveillance technologies in military.

SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager John Fratamico said: "We look forward to continuing to provide the AFRL with Blue Devil operations and maintenance services in support of warfighter missions worldwide."

Developed in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2009, the Blue Devil Block I system helps in tracking a wide range of targets and locations of improvised explosive devices.

Being mounted on a Beechcraft C90 fixed-wing aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle, the system combined wide area field-of-view and narrow field-of-view high definition day and night sensors for the first time.

The system was also developed in Block II variant and used on a Mav6-built aerostat.