F-15 S Eagle aircraft

Goodrich has been awarded a contract for the delivery ten DB-110 airborne reconnaissance systems for integration on the Royal Saudi Air Force’s (RSAF) F-15S Eagle fighter aircraft fleet.

Awarded by the US Air Force (USAF) as part of the RSAF’s F-15S modernisation programme, the contract includes the supply of ten dual-band reconnaissance pods and five fixed, transportable and mobile ground exploitation stations, along with training and logistics support services.

Andrew Chrostowski, Goodrich ISR Systems business vice president, said: "This is an important selection by the Royal Saudi Air Force for our DB-110 reconnaissance system for their F-15 aircraft. It is the first F-15 programme for the DB-110 and will certify our system for operation on that platform."

The pods will be supplied from Goodrich’s Westford, Massachusetts facility in the US, while its Malvern, UK facility will be responsible for the manufacture and delivery of ground exploitation stations.

Derived from the company’s SYERS-2 multi-spectral sensor system, the DB-110 is an advanced electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) pod designed to provide pilots with a real-time, long-range, high-resolution, video imagery during tactical reconnaissance operations.

The captured data is then transmitted to analysts on the ground, and can also be displayed on the aircraft’s cockpit video display, to help pilots verify targets and conduct battle damage assessment.

Currently, the system is in use in Greece, Poland, Egypt, Japan, Moroccao, and the UK. It has also been used during operations in Afghanistan and Libya.

Additionally, Goodrich has signed an agreement with Melbourne-based SYPAQ Systems, to represent and offer direct local programme management for DB-110 reconnaissance system in Australia and New Zealand.

Image: A RSAF’s F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft refuelling during Operation Desert Shield. Photo: courtesy of TECH. SGT. H. H. DEFFNER.