Raytheon and Teldat have completed the critical design review (CDR) phase of their existing contract to co-develop and co-produce advanced militarised routers for the Patriot air and missile defence system.

The review evaluates Teldat’s capability to address all Patriot system requirements, and to enable the Polish company to transition into the manufacturing and design qualification phase of the programme.

The contract for development of militarised routers for the Patriot missile system is being offered for Poland’s medium-range air and missile defence system programme, Wisla. It was signed in September 2014.

Teldat chief executive officer Henryk Kruszynski said: "This milestone allows us to start the next stages of our close partnership with Raytheon, which will surely bring more tangible benefits for both companies, and further strengthen the Polish-American cooperation."

"By producing this militarised router, Teldat will have access to an export market among established users worldwide."

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems president Daniel Crowley said: "When we contracted with Teldat, we envisioned a long-term partnership beyond just Wisla.

"By producing this militarised router, Teldat will have access to an export market among established users worldwide. This is an opportunity unique to our global Patriot customers."

Raytheon’s next-generation Patriot solution for the Wisla project will incorporate a new common command-and-control system, a 360° multi-function radar, and the potential for integration of a new, advanced, low-cost interceptor to further expand the Patriot’s ability to simultaneously fire multiple missile types to address the continuously evolving threat spectrum.

The Polish industry is expected to play a major role in the co-development such as design, engineering, and software of the Wisla solution. This will include co-production of a large portion of the next generation system.

To date, Raytheon has signed seven contract awards and 28 initial teaming agreements that are all focused on bringing work share to the Polish industry from the Wisla programme and beyond.