General Dynamics Canada has supplied the first of three deployable fast-time analysis systems for the CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft.

Designed to fit through the crew door of the CP-140 aircraft, the portable system can be used with the aircraft for missions away from the main operating base in Canada.

The system will allow ground crews immediate access to post-flight analysis of critical acoustic data, confirming and classifying targets.

"The system will be sold in the name of acoustic replay & intelligence exploitation system, internationally."

The system, which is referred as the Deployable Modular VME Acoustic Signal Processor (MVASP) Post Processing and Archiving System (D-MPPAS) in Canada, makes up part of the ground equipment for the Aurora Incremental Modernisation Program (AIMP).

The system will be sold in the name of acoustic replay & intelligence exploitation system (ARIES), internationally.

General Dynamics C4 Systems International vice president David Ibbetson said the time-critical access to recorded acoustic data supports command-level decision making as target identities are confirmed, classified and characterised in the field.

"The replay capability, at speeds more than eight times faster than normal, enables mission reconstruction and debriefing as well as providing the opportunity for onsite crew training immediately following missions," Ibbetson said.

General Dynamics, which is the prime integrator of Aurora mission system, provides integrated hardware and software systems, which enable the aircraft’s capabilities in a variety of roles such as search-and-rescue, airborne command and control, surface and sub-surface maritime, overland and coastal surveillance operations.

The company also provides ground support equipment such as software integration lab, pre and post mission analysis tools, and training facilities, along with long-term in-service support (ISS).

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