An explosion has occurred on Wednesday near McKinley Climatic Laboratory in Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, US.

The smoke released after the explosion contained methyl chloride, according to media sources.

Eglin Air Force Base spokesman Ilka Cole was quoted by NBC News as saying: “A little bit before 10am an explosion occurred at McKinley Climatic Lab.

“A 1,000ft cordon has been established and the surrounding area has been evacuated.”

The explosion near the lab did not injure anyone seriously. However, a few firefighters were treated for dehydration, Firehouse reported.

A public warning was issued by firefighters and paramedics asking residents of Valparaiso, Niceville and Bluewater Bay to stay away from the smoke plume as a precaution.

An investigation has been launched to find out the reason for the explosion.

"A 1,000ft cordon has been established and the surrounding area has been evacuated."

The McKinley Climatic Laboratory conducts tests involving large aircraft, tanks, missile launchers, shelters, engines, automobiles and tire manufacturers for the Department of Defense, other government agencies, and private industry.

The lab houses chambers where any climatic environment in the world can be simulated.

The chambers include Main Chamber, Equipment Test Chamber, Sun, Wind, Rain and Dust Chamber, Salt Fog Chamber and Altitude Chamber.

Meanwhile, Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Massachusetts, US, has resumed normal operations after an explosive scare.

The base was temporarily closed after a truck was found carrying potentially explosive material.

However, explosive materials experts have cleared the vehicle, and it has since departed the base.