Lockheed Martin has selected BAE Systems to provide an alternative Night Vision Goggle Helmet Mounted Display System (NVG HMD) for the F-35 Lightning II aircraft.

The technical issues with the existing Vision Systems International (VSI) visor-projected helmet-mounted display (HMD) had led to the selection of an alternative HMD.

BAE’s HMD features the latest Q-SIGHT waveguide display and detachable night vision goggles to provide a night vision capability.

The system also incorporates an optical head tracking system to support F-35 weapons delivery, navigation, landing and aircraft management.

The HMD’s modular design will provide pilots with binocular-wide field-of-view, alternate image sources and night vision cameras.

Deliveries will begin in 2012 to support the F-35 development and integration laboratories, flight simulators and flight-test platforms.