The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has grounded its entire fleet of UH-1H Huey helicopters after one was destroyed in a fire accident.

PAF spokesperson Lt Col Migue Okol said the entire Huey fleet will remain grounded until investigators determine the cause of the fire, according to

The Huey helicopter that caught fire on a resupply mission for the 503rd Army Infantry Brigade was ferrying several soldiers at the time.

Capt John Gador and Lt Edbert Ngina experienced engine problems and made a precautionary landing in an open field in Barangay Nagrebcan during the mission.

The PAF uses the UH-1H helicopter for combat, troop transport, rescue and resupply missions.

The air force, which currently has 40 Huey helicopters, is anticipating the delivery of eight utility helicopters from Poland to replace the aging fleet of UH-1Hs.